Global Health Diet Roundtable | The Looming Problem of Antimicrobial Resistance

December 21, 2018

During the 2nd JCIE Global Health Diet Roundtable, Dr. Kazuhiro Tateda of Toho University briefed 8 legislators on the domestic and global issues involved with the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The meeting convened rising leaders in the Japanese Diet who are serving their first, second, or third terms, and it was organized as part of a roundtable series that is designed to engage up-and-coming legislators in discussions of global health and give them a chance to discuss key issues with domestic and international leaders in the field. Our appreciation goes to the Health and Global Policy Institute, which co-sponsored the event.


KAZUHIRO TATEDA, Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Toho University; President, Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases; President, Japanese Society for Clinical Microbiology


TAKAO ANDO, Member, House of Representatives (LDP)

TORU ISHIZAKI, House of Representatives (LDP)

MASANOBU OGURA, House of Representatives (LDP)

HIROAKI TABATA, Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Labour and Welfare; Member, House of Representatives (LDP)

KAREN MAKISHIMA, Member, House of Representatives (LDP)

TOSHIKO TAKEYA, Member, House of Councillors (Komeito)

MASAAKI TANIAI, Member, House of Councillors (Komeito)

TSUNEHIKO YOSHIDA, Member, House of Councillors (Rikkenminshuto)