In March 2004, JCIE completed a survey report commissioned by the Open Society Institute (OSI) on Japan’s response to the spread of HIV/AIDS. This effort resulted in one of the first reports in English on how various actors in the public and private sectors in Japan have been addressing the domestic and global spread of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Currently, HIV/AIDS issues are not yet part of the mainstream policy agenda in Japan, partially due to the relatively low prevalence of the disease in Japan until now. However, statistics on HIV/AIDS have been rising steadily both in Japan and in Asia as a whole, highlighting the need for Japan to place higher priority on addressing the epidemic both as a domestic and international policy issue. The goal of the report is to outline the current situation in Japan and to direct greater attention from Japanese political, business, media, and civil society leaders toward this issue. The report was distributed at the international conference, Human Security Challenges of AIDS and Communicable Disease in Asia, held in Tokyo on March 22, 2004, and other venues. It was published in booklet form in 2004.