Global Village of Beijing—Japan Exchange Tour

March 2000
Tokyo, Chiba, Shizuoka, Niigata, and Fukuoka
In 1998, in the process of conducting a survey of Chinese environmental NGOs, JCIE was introduced to Global Village of Beijing (GVB), one of the very few independent environmental NGOs in China. In addition to its numerous other activities, GVB has been instrumental in raising awareness of environmental concerns among Chinese citizens through its production of a television series called Time for Environment. When it decided to produce an episode focused on Japanese grassroots environmental protection efforts, such as activities of environmental NGOs, consumers, groups, businesses, and local governments, GVB turned to JCIE for assistance. JCIE played an active role in facilitating the film shoot by introducing GVB to organizations and individuals in Japan and making all necessary arrangements for them. A three-member team from GVB, including its president, Ms. Liao Xiaoyi, visited Japan in March 2000, traveling to Tokyo, Chiba, Shizuoka, Niigata, and Fukuoka over a two-week period. In addition to the filming, GVB’s representatives participated in a two-hour seminar held in Tokyo jointly by JCIE and the Japan Foundation, titled “China’s Environmental Problems and NGOs,” which drew 50 participants from NGOs, academia, and the mass media.