Global ThinkNet Fellows | Workshop on Transformation of Japanese Communities and the Emerging Local Agenda

March 13–22, 2001
San Francisco, California
As part of the Global ThinkNet Fellows Program, a study group consisting of young Japanese scholars and thinktank reseachers participated in a workshop and study tour in San Francisco under the auspices of the Public Policy Institute of California. The workshop discussions focused on “globalization and local government” and were based on presentations given by both the Japanese participants and the PPIC researchers. The Japanese participants visited Silicon Valley to learn about the area’s NPO activities and local government, and took part in a series of meetings with Silicon Valley Network and the San Mateo County Government, among others. The discussion results were incorporated into the project’s final report, available in both Japanese and English.


Progress and Challenges of Decentralization in Japan
Shun’ichi FurukawaProfessor of Policy and Planning Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Surge of Community Businesses and Their Impact on Local Economies
Koji KanagawaSenior Researcher, Research Institute for Regional Policy, 21st Century Hyogo Project Association
The Growing Foreign Resident Population: Social Impacts and Local Government Responses
Chikako KashiwazakiLecturer, Department of Sociology, Sophia University
International Policies of Local Governments: Case Study of the Japan-California Relationship
Toshihiro MenjuSenior Program Officer, Japan Center for International Exchange
The Role of Think Tanks in Changing Regional Environments
Madoka NakamuraSenior Researcher, Center for Policy Research Information, National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA)
Implications of Local Financial Crisis and Future Prospects for Self-Sustainable Local Financial System
Namiko NumaoInstructor, Nihon University, College of Economics
Emerging Local NPOs and Their Implicatons for Local Governance
Shigeru TamuraProfessor, Local Autonomy College, Ministry of Home Affairs