2001 Israel-Japan Intellectual Exchange Program

October 9–16, 2001
As part of the fifth Israel-Japan Exchange Program, seven intellectual leaders from Israel visited Tokyo on October 9-16, 2001, for a series of meetings and briefings with prominent Diet members, diplomats, scholars, and business leaders on Japan’s sociopolitical, economic, and foreign policy trends. They also visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to participate in a discussion on the future of the peace process in the Middle East, and they exchanged views on the peace movement from the perspectives of Israel and Japan.

Israeli Participants

ELI AMIR, Novelist; Director General, Youth Aliah Institute

MENACHEM MAGIDOR, President, Hebrew University

KENNETH MANN, Professor of Law, Tel Aviv University

GUR OFER, Professor of Economics, Hebrew University

DALIA PRASHKER, Entrepreneur

MEIR SHLOMO, Foreign Ministry of Israel

SHIMSHON ZELNIKER, Director, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute