2004 Israel-Japan Intellectual Exchange Program

March 15–19, 2004

The 6th Israel-Japan Intellectual Exchange Program was held in Tokyo, Japan, on March 15–19, 2004, to bring together opinion leaders and nongovernmental leaders from both countries. Participants discussed the common challenges that they face particularly security issues, as well as potential areas of cooperation.

The delegation met with prominent Japanese Diet members, business leaders, diplomats, and journalists, and were briefed on Japan’s domestic issues and foreign policies, including the implications of the dispatch of the Self Defense Forces to Iraq.

Israeli Participants

SHALOM HARRARI, Senior Research scholar ITC (International Policy Institute for Counter Terrorism; Colonel (Reserves)

EVA ILLOUZ, Professor, Sociology, Hebrew University

EPHRAIM LAPID, Director of Public Affairs, The Jewish Agency for Israel; Brigadier General (Reserves)

TAMAR RAPOPORT, Professor, Social Anthropology, Hebrew University

YEHOUDA SHENHAV, Professor, Sociology, Tel Aviv