Previous Events

February 2, 2018—Roundtable with Glen  S. Fukushima on US-Japan relations under the Trump administration

March 15, 2017—Roundtable with Hon. Akiko Yamanaka (former Member, House of Representatives of Japan; former Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs; Special Ambassador for World Tsunami Awareness Day) on the changing role of women in Japan

September 21, 2016Roundtable on Health and Human Security with CHESTRAD President Lola-Dare of Nigeria

July 15, 2016Tetsuo Kotani (JIIA) on Maritime Security and Tensions in the South and East China Seas

August 27, 2015Mio Yamamoto (WIA) on Building Capacity of Social Entrepreneurs in Tohoku and Asia

April 4, 2015Roundtable with Devin Stewart (Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs) on Gender Equity and Social Change in Japan

March 4, 2015Katsuji Imata (Japan NPO Center) on Japan’s Civil Society and the Impact of the NPO Law

February 27, 2015David Janes (US-Japan Foundation) on International Education and the US-Japan Alliance

November 25, 2014Randy Martin (Mercy Corps) on the Response to 3/11

October 31, 2014Tomoaki Ishigaki (Counsellor, Cabinet Legislation Bureau) on Japan’s Experiences with the Arms Trade Treaty—jointly organized with Japan Foundation CGP

September 23, 2014Hitoshi Tanaka (JCIE Senior Fellow) on East Asian security issues

September 8, 2014—Ryo Sahashi (JCIE Research Fellow) on Strategizing for US-Japan Responses to Contingencies in the Gray Zone between Warfare and Peace

June 21, 2014Roundtable with Tetsuo Kotani (JIIA) on the South China Sea