Korea-China-Japan Forum

November 26–28, 2003
Seoul, South Korea

The Korea-China-Japan Forum was held in November 2003 as a joint initiative of JCIE, the Korea Foundation, the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, and the Japan Foundation Asia Center. This dialogue aimed to promote cooperation among the three countries in achieving stability in the Asia Pacific region and encouraging its further development. The forum provided an opportunity for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean opinion leaders from the fields of politics, government, business, academia, civil society, and the media to come together and discuss their respective countries’ domestic issues, as well as regional issues of mutual concern and possibilities for cooperation on those issues.

Approximately 37 opinion leaders from China, Korea, and Japan participated in lively discussions on topics such as the political and economic dynamics in each country, the role that each country should play with regard to the security situation on the Korean peninsula, and ways to strengthen exchange among the next generation of leaders in the three countries. The participants also had the opportunity to meet with Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Yoon Young-kwan and Korean Minister of Unification Jeong Se-hyun.

November 26

Welcome Reception

Yoon Young-Kwan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

November 27

Opening Ceremony

Lee In-ho, President of the Korea Foundation
Lu Qiutian, President of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs
Tadashi Yamamoto, President of the Japan Center for International Exchange

Session I: Current Political and Economic Dynamics in Korea, China, and Japan

Luncheon Meeting
Jung Se-hyun, Minister of Unification

Session II: The Security Situation on the Korean Peninsula and Major Power Responses

November 28

Session III: Prospects for Regional Cooperation in Northeast Asia and the Role of Korea, China, and Japan

Concluding Discussion: Enhancing Exchanges Among Korea, China, and Japan


LEE In-ho

President, The Korea Foundation

GONG Ro-myung

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs;Chairman, Korea-Japan Forum

KIM Young-hie

Advisor/Editor-at-Large, The JoongAng Ilbo

KIM Han-kyu

Former Minister of Government Administration; President, 21C Korea-China Leaders Society

Park Won-soon

Board of Director, The Beautiful Foundation; Former Secretary General of The People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy

PARK Won-hong

Member of the National Assembly


Member of the National Assembly

SaKong Il

Chairman and CEO, Institute for Global Economics

YOO Jay-kun

Member of the National Assembly

LEE Dong-hwi

Dean of Research, Institute of Foreign Affairs & National Security (IFANS)

RHEE Sang-woo

President, Hallym University

CHUNG Ku-chong

President, donga.com

JUNG Ku-hyun

President, Samsung Economic Research Institute

CHUNG Jae-ho

Associate Professor, Seoul National University

CHO Woong-kyu

Member of the National Assembly (The Grand National Party)

CHU Mi-ae

Member of the National Assembly (Millennium Democratic Party)


LU Qiutian

President of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA); Member of the 9th National Committee of the CPPCC

HE Dongcai

Member of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Vice President of the China Institute of Radio & Television, Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television

MA Shengrong

Vice President of the Xinhua News Agency

SHENG Jueren

Vice President of the China Institute of Promotion for Investment and Development, Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

LI Fenglin

President of the Chinese Society of Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, Former Ambassador to Russia

HAN Yongwen

Director-General of the Comprehensive Department of National Economy, National Development and Reform Commission

JIANG Lifeng

President of the Institute of Japanese Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Science

ZHANG Tingyang

Vice President of the China-ROK Friendly Association, Former Ambassador to ROK

TAO Bingwei

Senior Researcher of the China Institute of International Studies

GAO Haikuan

Former Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Association for International Friendly Contact

LU Kejian

Deputy Director-General of the Department of Asian Affairs, Ministry of Commerce

TIAN Peiliang

Council Member of the CPIFA, Director of the Department of Asian, African and Latin American Affairs



Member, House of Representatives (Liberal Democratic Party)


Professor, Department of Economics, Senshu University


Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University


President, Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation


Chairman and CEO, Fuji Xerox Korea. Co., Ltd


Professor, Asia University


Editorial Writer, Asahi Shimbun


Research Fellow, Yomiuri Research Institute


President, Japan Center for International Exchange