12th Korea-Japan Forum

September 13–15, 2004
Gyeongju, Korea

About 40 political leaders, business executives, scholars and public intellectuals gathered in Gyeongju, Korea, to discuss political and economic trends in Japan and Korea, bilateral history issues, regional integration, and measures to promote greater exchange between the two countries in the lead-up to the 40th anniversary of the normalization of Japan-Korea ties, highlighting the importance of constructing a stronger and more forward-looking relationship between the two countries.

Korean Participants


Ro-myung Gong

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Byung-joon Ahn

Visiting Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management

Choong-yong Ahn

President, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy

In-joon Bae

Senior Editorial Writer, Donga Ilbo

Kyu-cheol Cho

Associate Professor, Dept. of Japanese Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

S.R. Cho

Chairman, Hyosung Group

Woo-sock Choi

Vice Chairman, Samsung Economic Research Institute

Jeong-sook Chung

Chief Researcher, Korea Culture and Tour Policy Institute

Ku-chong Chung

President of Donga.com; Director, Korean Steering Committee, Korea-Japan Forum

Myeong-sook Han

Member of the National Assembly (The Uri Party)

In-taek Hyun

President, Ilmin Int’l Relations Institute, Korea University

Myung-kwan Hyun

Vice Chairman and CEO, The Federation of Korean Industries

Chang-soo Jin

Senior Research Fellow, Sejong Institute

Choon-mie Kim

Professor, Dept. Japanese Language and Literature, Korea University

Tae-whan Kim

Member of the National Assembly (The Grand National Party)

Young-jak Kim

Professor, Division of International Relations, Kookmin University

In-hyuk Kwon

President, Korea Foundation

Young-bin Kwon

Executive Editor/Vice President, Joongang Ilbo

Young-ghil Kwon

Member of the National Assembly (The Democratic Labor Party)

Nak-yon Lee

Member of the National Assembly (The Millennium Democratic Party)

Chung-in Moon

Chairman, Presidential Committee on Northeast Asian Cooperation Institute

Yeon-ho Oh

CEO and Founder, OhmyNews

Cheol-hee Park

Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University

Jong-yil Ra

Korean Ambassador to Japan

Japanese Participants


Yuzaburo Mogi

Chairman and CEO, Kikkoman Corporation

Toshihiro Ando

Deputy Chief Editorial Writer, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Tamotsu Asami

Assistant Managing Editor, The Yomiuri Shimbun

Yutaka Aso

President and CEO, Aso Cement Co. Ltd.

Keiko Chino

Editorial Writer, The Sankei Shimbun

Yukiko Fukagawa

Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo

Yasuo Fukuda

Member, House of Representatives (LDP)

Tetsuro Fukuyama

Member, House of Councillors, Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)

Yoshimasa Hayashi

Member, House of Councillors (LDP)

Keikichi Honda

Chairman and CEO, NCR Japan, Ltd.

Kimitoshi Igarashi

Executive Commentator, NHK

Fukunari Kimura

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University

Shoichi Kondo

Member, House of Representatives (DPJ)

Takeaki Matsumoto

Member, House of Representatives (DPJ)

Kazuo Ogoura

President, The Japan Foundation

Masao Okonogi

Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University

Yasuyo Sakata

Associate Professor, International Communication Department at Kanda University of International Studies

Yasuhisa Shiozaki

Member, House of Representatives (LDP)

Keizo Takemi

Member, House of Councillors (LDP)

Yasufumi Tanaka

Former Visiting Fellow of the Federation of Korean Industries, Nippon Keidanren, Corporate Officer, @NEWSTREAM

Yoshibumi Wakamiya

Chairman of the Editorial Board, The Asahi Shimbun

Tadashi Yamamoto

President, Japan Center for International Exchange; Director, Japanese Steering Committee, Korea-Japan Forum

September 13

Opening Ceremony

Session I: Domestic Socio-Political and Economic Developments in Korea and Japan and Their Implications on Korea-Japan Relations

September 14

Session II: Political and Security Developments in North East Asia and Prospects for Korea-Japan Cooperation 

Session III: Evolution of East Asia Regional Integration and the Prospect for Korea-Japan Cooperation to Enhance This Trend

Session IV: Toward Dramatic Enhancement of Korea-Japan Exchange Activities and the Role of Diverse Actors in Korean and Japanese Societies

September 15

Session V: Promoting Exchange and Cooperation for 40th Anniversary of Normalization of Korea-Japan Diplomatic Relations in 2005