Older People, Got A Pandemic Problem? A Club To Help You Figure It Out — Yourself

Malaka Gharib
September 23, 2020
NPR, Goats and Soda blog

“It’s a bit hard to describe Vietnam’s Intergenerational Self Help Clubs.

But one thing is easy to say. If you’re older — like above the age of 60 — and need help, the club will help you get it. That could mean a microloan if times are tough, a drum lesson as a chance for self-expression and social activity (and to prove that old people can play drums, too). And during the pandemic, the clubs have played a critical role informing and supporting its members.”

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Dao Thi Hoa, right, chairwoman of the Intergenerational Self Help Club in the Khuong Din ward of Hanoi in Vietnam, checks the club's account book with other members. (Photo: Nguyễn Văn Hốt)

HelpAge International in Vietnam’s Intergenerational Self-Help Club model was the recipient of the 1st Healthy Aging Prize for Asian Innovation, which is organized by JCIE and ERIA. The model won the Grand Prize in the Community-Based Innovation category.