2000 Australian Young Political Leaders Delegation to Japan

October 15–24, 2000
Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Kyoto
Nine political leaders from Australia, including legislators, party officials, and parliamentary staff, took part in a delegation to Japan in order to enhance their understanding of the political, economic, and social situation in Japan today. The delegation, the 10th from Australia since the launch of the Australia-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange, toured Tokyo, Hokkaido, and Kyoto to exchange views with various Japanese leaders, including Tadamori Oshima (Minister of Education, House of Representatives, LDP), Yoriko Kawaguchi (Minister of State, Director-General of the Environment Agency), and Takako Doi (Leader of the Social Democratic Party and Former Speaker of the House of Representatives). In Tokyo, the delegates met with Diet members, ministry officials, and business and labor leaders to discuss various topics such as Japan’s diplomatic agenda, the Japanese economy, the aging society, politicians’ roles in Japan, and the role of Keidanren in Japan’s economy. With the assistance of Naoto Kitamura, House of Representatives (LDP) member and leader of the 1999 delegation to Australia, the delegation met with local leaders in Hokkaido such as the speaker of the Hokkaido Prefectural Assembly, the governor of Hokkaido Prefecture, representatives of the Kushiro City Councilmembers League for Promoting International Exchange, the president of the Kushiro City Chamber of Commerce, and the mayor of Tsurui Village. Through meetings with government officials and local business and agricultural leaders, the delegates gained a unique perspective on regional politics in Japan and the authority of local governments.


MICHAEL DANBY MP, Member for Melbourne Ports (Australian Labor Party)

LYNETTE DENGATE, Queensland State President and Campaign Director (Australian Democrats)

JANETTE FIELD, Member of Tasmanian Labor Party (Australian Labor Party)

CHARLES GILLIES, Victorian State Council Delegate in East Melbourne (Liberal Party of Australia)

BRETT MASON, Federal Senator for Queensland (Liberal Party of Australia)

LIZ PENFOLD MP, Member for Flinder, South Australia (Liberal Party of Australia)

MICK SCHNEIDER, State President, Young National Party of Australia, Queensland

DARYL WIGHT, Secretary to the Australian Political Exchange Council; Special Adviser; Ministerial and Parliamentary Services, Department of Finance and Administration

DAVID WILLIAMS, Senior Adviser to Senator the Hon. John Faulkner (Australian Labor Party)