1999 Japanese Young Political Leaders Delegation to Australia

June 21–27, 1999
Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney

The 7th Japanese Diet delegation of the Australia-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange, which was headed this time by Naoto Kitamura, an LDP member of the House of Representatives, visited Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney on June 21–27, 1999. Their visit took place only two weeks before the official visit of Prime Minister John Howard to Japan, and the delegation met the prime minister, Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, and other leaders to exchange views on current issues between the two countries and on expected roles to enhance the prosperity and stability of Asia Pacific. In Melbourne and Sydney, the delegation members had opportunities to meet with local political, business, and opinion leaders to get first-hand knowledge on current Australian domestic issues.


Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

NAOTO KITAMURA [Delegation Leader], House of Representatives

TADAYOSHI IIJIMA, House of Representatives

HIROMICHI WATANABE, House of Representatives

Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)

EIKO ISHIGE, House of Representatives

MASAMITSU JOJIMA, House of Representatives

New Komeito

TAKAYOSHI TANIGUCHI, House of Representatives

Liberal Party (LP)

JUN MISAWA, House of Representatives