2000 Japanese Young Political Leaders Delegation to Australia

September 3–10, 2000
Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney

A multiparty delegation of seven Diet members traveled to Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney under the Australia-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange. Over the course of the visit, the delegation met with Australian leaders, including Senator Meg Lees (Leader of the Australian Democrats), the Hon. John Anderson MP (Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of the National Party), the Hon. Mark Vaile MP (Minister for Trade, Deputy Leader of the National Party), and the Hon. Neil Andrew MP (Speaker of the House of Representatives). Delegates also met with executives of the various political parties—Australian Labor Party, National Party, Liberal Party of Australia, and Australian Democrats—to gain a more in-depth understanding of the party philosophies and structures.

The delegation also attended a briefing on Australian politics with Professor Malcolm Mackerras (Australian Defence Force Academy) and met with local business leaders to discuss the state of the Australian economy. In Melbourne, the delegation expanded their knowledge of the role of local government and current issues through meetings with local government leaders and Electorate Office officials.


Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

MASAHIRO IMAMURA, House of Representatives

EIKOU KANETA, House of Representatives

KENJI KOSAKA, House of Representatives

MITSUHIRO MIYAKOSHI, House of Representatives

Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)

HIROYUKI NAGAHAMA, House of Representatives

NOBUMORI OTANI, House of Representatives

New Komeito

KAZUYOSHI AKABA, House of Representatives