1996 US Congressional Staff Delegation

April 7–14, 1996

The 12th US Congressional staff delegation arrived in Japan on April 7, 1996, a few days prior to the state visit of US President Bill Clinton to Japan. The coincidence of timing meant that Japanese policymakers were prepared to talk about areas of domestic, bilateral, and international concern that would be discussed at the heads of state meetings. On their first day, the Congressional staff members met with former Prime Minister Tsutomu Hata and Speaker of the House of Representatives Takako Doi, as well as Ambassador Walter Mondale. Of primary interest to Japanese policymakers were Asia Pacific security, future economic challenges in Asia Pacific, and the implications of political realignments in Japan. Other topics discussed included the role of think tanks in the policy process, the successes and setbacks of US companies operating in Japan, and the balance of power between politicians and bureaucrats.


LIONEL COLLINS, Chief of Staff to Representative William Jefferson (Democrat of Louisiana)

ERIN ENNIS, Legislative Correspondent to Senator John Breaux (Democrat of Louisiana)

KATHERINE FRIESS, Counsel, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

BILLY MOORE, Chief of Staff and Administrative Assistant to Representative Jim Chapman (Democrat of Texas)
Associate Staff Member, House Appropriations Committee

JOAN MORGAN, Legislative Assistant for Foreign Relations and Trade to Senator Frank Murkowski (Republican of Alaska)

MARTHA MORRISON, Floor Assistant to House Speaker Newt Gingrich (Republican of Georgia)

VINCE RANDAZZO, Counsel, House Subcommittee on Rules and Organization of the House; Legislative Director to Representative David Dreier (Republican of California)