1993 US Congressional Delegation to Japan

February 6–12, 1993

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange Program, a high-powered Congressional delegation led by Thomas Foley, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, met with top Japanese policymakers and leaders from the fields of politics and business. 

The eight members of the 20th Congressional delegation participated in a series of formal briefings on Japanese political reform and engaged in informal discussions with Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leaders and Japanese corporate executives about US-Japan political and economic relations. They met with the sitting prime minister, Kiichi Miyazawa, as well as three future prime ministers, Tsutomu Hata, Keizo Obuchi, and Yoshiro Mori. The delegation also held discussions with Finance Minister Yoshiro Hayashi and Foreign Minister Michio Watanabe, then shared their views about “The Clinton Administration and the US Congress” in a public seminar.


DOUG BEREUTER, Republican, Nebraska (House of Representatives)

SHERWOOD L. BOEHLERT, Republican, New York (House of Representatives)

THOMAS S. FOLEY, Democrat, Washington (House of Representatives)

 MARTIN FROST, Democrat, Texas (House of Representatives)

HENRY J. HYDE, Republican, Illinois (House of Representatives)

JIM McDERMOTT, Democrat, Washington (House of Representatives)

BILL RICHARDSON, Democrat, New Mexico (House of Representatives)

BOB WISE, Democrat, West Virginia (House of Representatives)

Special Participants

WERNER W. BRANDT, Sergeant-at-Arms, House of Representatives

JEFFREY R. BIGGS, Press Secretary to the Speaker

MICHAEL J. O’NEIL, Assistant to the Speaker; Counsel, Democratic Steering and Policy Committee

BONNIE LOWREY, Legislative Assistant, Democratic Steering and Policy Committee

JANET GILPATRICK, Head, Speaker’s District Office in Spokane