1994 US Congressional Delegation to Japan

January 9–16, 1994

The 21st US Congressional delegation arrived in Tokyo on January 9, 1994, and spent eight days meeting with political analysts, members of the Diet’s ruling coalition, and opposition party members in an attempt to gain insights into the forces transforming Japan’s political system.

The eight-member delegation, which included five Congressional members and three staffers, also met with top Japanese bureaucrats and leaders from Japanese business and finance to discuss Japan’s economic policymaking as well as the prospects for economic recovery. In addition to Prime Minister Morihiro Hosokawa, the delegation held talks with Tsutomu Hata, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs; Hiroshi Kumagai, Minister of International Trade and Industry; Kazuo Aichi, Minister of Defense; Hirohisa Fujii, Minister of Finance; Takako Doi, Speaker of the House of Representatives; and Yoshiro Mori, Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party.


EARL HILLIARD, Democrat, Alabama (House of Representatives)

HENRY J. HYDE, Republican, Illinois (House of Representatives)

BENNIE THOMPSON, Democrat, Mississippi (House of Representatives)

JOLENE UNSOELD, Democrat, Washington (House of Representatives)

ROBERT WISE, Democrat, West Virginia (House of Representatives)

 [Special Participants]

MICHAEL J. O’NEIL, Assistant to the Speaker; Counsel, Democratic Steering and Policy Committee

DON RIDINGS, Legislative Assistant to Rep. Bob Wise

JUDY WOLVERTON, Administrative Assistant to Rep. Henry Hyde