1999 US Congressional Delegation to Japan

December 7–12, 1999

The 24th US Congressional delegation to visit Japan under JCIE’s US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange met with top Japanese foreign policy experts and policymakers to discuss US-Japan relations and both countries’ changing roles in the Asia Pacific region. In light of recent strains on the US-Japan security alliance, the five members of the delegation—three congressional members, one former member, and a staffer—held discussions with Japanese Diet members about how to better manage the security relationship. The delegation also participated in a rare open forum with young Diet members, who are an increasingly vocal and influential force in Japanese politics, and met with Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi, Yukio Hatoyama, President of the Democratic Party of Japan, and Takako Doi, Leader of the Social Democratic Party. This program was conducted in cooperation with the Brookings Institution.


THOMAS ALLEN, Democrat, Maine (House of Representatives)

RICK BOUCHER, Democrat, Virginia (House of Representatives)

DIANE DeGETTE, Democrat, Colorado (House of Representatives)

Special Participants

BILL FRENZEL, Former Member, House of Representatives, Republican, Minnesota

 MARK SULLIVAN, Communications Director too Rep. Thomas Allen