2014 Capitol Hill Diet Reception

April 30, 2014
Washington DC

On April 30, JCIE co-hosted a reception at the US Capitol in honor of visiting leaders from the Diet together with other organizations that are currently operating or funding US-Japan legislative exchanges. The event was attended by 180 people, including a dozen members of Congress, many of whom are alumni of JCIE’s political exchange programs. The reception also welcomed more than 20 Diet members, and a parliamentarian from Korea as the special guests of honor. Six of the guests of honor were traveling with JCIE’s 27th Diet Delegation.

The opening remarks were offered by Mrs. Heather Foley, wife of the late House Speaker Tom Foley, one of the godfathers of JCIE’s Parliamentary Exchange Program. Remarks were also offered by two PEP alumni, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) and Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR). They were followed by Hon. Shigeru Ishiba, Secretary General of the LDP, and Amb. Kenichiro Sasae, who offered a toast. The speakers recalled the critical role that JCIE’s late founder, Tadashi Yamamoto, played in the development of US-Japan political exchange and how important it is today to carry on that legacy.

Opening Remarks:
Heather Foley

Welcome Remarks:

  • Hon. Greg WaldenMember, US House of Representatives
  • Hon. Mazie HironoMember, US Senate


  • Hon. Shigeru IshibaMember, House of Representatives; Secretary General, Liberal Democratic Party


  • H.E. Kenichiro SasaeAmbassador of Japan to the United States

Guests of Honor

  • Hon. Kenzo FujisueMember, House of Councillors
  • Hon. Tatsuo FukudaMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Motohisa FurukawaMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Takuya HiraiMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Kuniko Inoguchi, Member, House of Councillors
  • Hon. Shigeru IshibaMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Tatsuya ItoMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Naoki KazamaMember, House of Councillors
  • Hon. Shuhei KishimotoMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Kenji KosakaMember, House of Councillors
  • Hon. Masaharu NakagawaMember, House of Councillors
  • Hon. Yasutoshi NishimuraSenior Vice-Minister of the Cabinet Office of Japan; Member, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Mitsunari OkamotoMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Keitaro OnoMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Yasuhisa ShiozakiMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Keizo Takemi Member, House of Councillors
  • Hon. Naokazu TakemotoMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Yuichiro TamakiMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Kiyohiko ToyamaMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Mayuko ToyotaMember, House of Representatives
  • Hon. Kozo YamamotoMember, House of Representatives

Special Guest

  • Hon. Soon-ok ChunMember, National Assembly of Korea