2016 Capitol Hill Diet Reception

May 3, 2016
Washington DC

A coalition of US-Japan groups headed by JCIE and the The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation co-hosted a reception at the US Capitol yesterday evening to welcome 10 visiting Diet members to Washington. The gathering attracted about 170 leading figures in US-Japan relations, including senior government officials, former members of Congress, business executives, NGO heads, and others. Among others, the Hon. Tom Petri (former member, House of Representatives, R-WI) and Hon. Kozo Yamamoto (member, House of Representatives of Japan) spoke briefly about the importance of the US-Japan alliance and maintaining dialogue among parliamentarians.


Hon. Tom PetriFormer Member, US House of Representatives

Hon. Kozo YamamotoMember, Japan House of Representatives

Amb. Rust DemingAdjunct Professor of Japan Studies, Johns Hopkins University SAIS; former US Ambassador to Tunisia 


Hon. Jiro AichiMember, House of Councillors

Hon. Yukihisa FujitaMember, House of Councillors

Hon. Yukihisa FujitaMember, House of Councillors

Hon. Hitoshi KikawadaParliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs; Member, House of Representatives

Hon. Hiroe MakiyamaMember, House of Councillors

Hon. Masaharu NakagawaMember, House of Representatives

Hon. Yasutoshi NishimuraMember, House of Representatives

Hon. Keitaro OhnoMember, House of Representatives

Hon. Takashi ShinoharaMember, House of Representatives

Hon. Keizo TakemiMember, House of Councillors

Hon. Kozo YamamotoMember, House of Representatives

The reception was organized in cooperation with the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission – JUSFCCULCON (U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange), the U.S.-Japan Council, the Congressional Study Group on Japan, and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA.