Strength in Diversity or Increasing Polarization?: The Challenge of Local Politics in the US

February 27, 2018

As part of a February–March 2018 visit by an American delegation visiting under the US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange, JCIE organized a seminar on “Strength in Diversity or Increasing Polarization? The Challenge of Local Politics in the US,” in which the participants shared their personal perspectives on the current political scene in the United States, offering a unique perspective that the media alone cannot convey of the Trump phenomenon and the impact that American diversity is having on politics and vice versa.

Since 1973, JCIE has been partnering with the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) to carry out an annual US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange, designed to expose young leaders from the United States and Japan to the politics and policymaking process of the other country and to enhance their understanding of US-Japan relations. Bipartisan delegations of young American political leaders from state and local governments and the private sector participate in an intensive two-week trip to Japan.


MARLON BROWN, Mayor Pro Tem, Mason City Council (D)
COLLEEN FANNING, Member, Indianapolis City Council (R)
FLORENT GROBERG, Director of Veteran Outreach & Eastern Region Community Engagements, Boeing Co. (R)
HIBAL KAMAL-GRAYSON, Senior Analyst, International Public Policy, Google (D)
MATT LAMON, Chief of Staff, State Representative J.M. Lozano (R)
MARY TINKLER, Treasurer, Charleston County (D)
ALLISON CUNNINGHAM, Delegation Escort; Director of Federal Government Affairs, NGV America