Japan–South Korea Immigration Policy Exchange | 2nd Japan Site Visit

May 30–June 2, 2019
Tokyo and Hamamatsu, Japan

Immigrants living in South Korea traveled to Japan as part of JCIE’s Japan–South Korea Immigration Policy Exchange Program. This trip to Tokyo and Hamamatsu city featured a special focus on education for children of immigrant families. Participants had the chance to visit three schools in Tokyo and Hamamatsu that serve a wide variety of age groups and demographics. The visit to Hamamatsu, which has the highest number of Brazilian immigrants to Japan, also gave participants the opportunity to meet with and discuss a variety of issues faced by immigrant communities in Japan.

On June 1–2, they participated in the national forum for Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan, held in Tokyo.  Participants gave a presentation during the workshop on migrant women, sharing their experiences working in South Korea with Japanese participants.  They also learned about the variety of issues facing immigrants in Japan during the forum. Finally, they met with their counterparts living in Japan, who shared  their experiences in Japan, and talked about possible topics for the next Japanese visit to Korea in early July.