Since 2018, JCIE has convened the Roundtable on Japan’s Migration Policy, in which representatives from various sectors discuss how to accept and retain foreign talent in Japan from a medium- to long-term perspective, and make recommendations on appropriate social and governmental policies. Based on the success of the roundtable, JCIE has launched the National Network for an Inclusive Future (NANIF) with support from the Toyota Foundation. 

NANIF aims to promote the establishment of regional platforms to discuss the acceptance and settlement of foreigners throughout Japan, in conjunction with a vision of the future for each respective region. For this project, JCIE will cooperate with local governments, councils, NPOs, companies, media outlets, and other organizations tackling obstacles to foreign talent and multicultural coexistence in local communities. Additionally, the roundtable and the newly established regional platforms will work together to connect the activities in various areas, revitalize public discussions on the acceptance of foreigners, and promote the sharing of experiences and activities throughout the country.