SYMPOSIUM | New Strategies for Japan to Become a Country of Choice

February 14, 2022

As part of its activities under the Roundtable on Japan’s Migration Policy JCIE hosted an online public symposium, which was viewed live by over 250 people from across Japan.

The symposium was a follow-up to a June 2021 report compiled and disseminated by the roundtable entitled “Japan’s Policy on the Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources in the Post-COVID Era: Proposals for Japan to Become a Country of Choice.” The symposium brought roundtable participants to discuss the vision and measures that need to be in place for Japan to become a “country of choice” for foreigners seeking employment, taking into account the changes posed by life with and after COVID-19. The content of the proposal and strategies that need to be implemented by the government, society, and private companies were examined, with input from various perspectives offered by the Roundtable’s multi-sectoral membership, including Diet members, mayors, representatives of economic organizations, NPOs, and research and educational institutions. For the opening speech, Ms. Seiko Sasaki, Commissioner of the Immigration Services Agency, delivered an address on behalf of the government of Japan. See below for a recording of the event in Japanese: