Welcoming Foreign Workers and Japan's Future | Fukuoka Symposium

November 26, 2019
Fukuoka, Japan

Japan’s population will dramatically decrease in the coming years. Against that backdrop, it is inevitable that Japan will need to accept foreigners in order to sustain its society and workforce. In Fukuoka Prefecture, for example, there were already 46,000 foreign workers as of October 2018—setting a new record.

Against that backdrop, JCIE has been conducting a Roundtable on Japan’s Immigration Policy, bringing together national and municipal policymakers, business leaders, experts from NPOs, academics, and foreign residents to produce recommendations on legal and systemic reforms. This symposium is part of the roundtable’s outreach efforts to share its findings and hear local perspectives on the issues.

SESSION 1: Recommendations of the Roundtable

–A Future Vision for Japan, Created Together with Foreigners
–Overview of the Basic Law on Foreigners Residing in Japan
Toshihiro Menju, Managing Director and Chief Program Officer, JCIE

SESSION 2: Foreign Workers in Japanese Companies and Issues Facing Foreign Students


Foreign Workers in the Convenience Store Industry
Makoto Yasui, Seven Eleven Japan

Foreign Workers in the Food Services Industry
Tooru Takeno, Takeno Inc.

Current Status and Issues Facing Foreign Students in Japan
Luu Van Cuong, Fukuoka Overseas Students Association

A University Perspective on Foreign Students
Megumi Yuki, Gunma University

From a New Immigration Era
Kotaro Furukawa, Nishinihon Shimbun

SESSION 3: Panel Discussion


Organized in cooperation with the Kyushu Economic Federation and Nishinippon Shimbun, with support from Idea Kyushu Asia.