Rediscovering Common Bonds | How Professionals in Various Fields Are Building the Future of China-Japan-Korea Ties

February 21, 2017

As ICT develops and the flow of people across borders increases, there are more and more people plying their trade outside of their native country. China, Japan, and Korea are no exception, and they are seeing a substantial exchange of people across their borders.

In the final seminar of the Rediscovering Common Bonds among Japan, China, and Korea program, we invited a Japanese man working in China, a Korean woman working in Japan, and a Chinese woman working in Korea to discuss their unique experiences. What hurdles have they had to overcome as they have pursued their professions abroad? The three participants stressed that an appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity is the key to developing cross-cultural communication, and they advised young people to see one another as individuals rather than defining people by their nationalities.