Tanaka Juku Seminar Series


In 2006, JCIE launched the JCIE Tanaka Juku (formely known as the Azabu Tanaka Juku), an annual three-month series of intensive evening seminars for about 20 young political leaders, corporate executives, journalists, and emerging intellectual leaders under the tutorage of Hitoshi Tanaka, JCIE senior fellow and former deputy minister for foreign affairs. The goal of the seminars is to foster greater dialogue within Japanese society on the future path that Japan should take, the approaches it should take to the various foreign policy challenges it faces, and the type of foreign policy it should be pursuing.

Sessions are organized annually around a thematic focus, and in session, the participants discuss and debate key issues related to Japan’s evolving international role and responsibilities.

Hitoshi Tanaka, JCIE senior fellow and former deputy minister for foreign affairs

Series Topics

Series 15  | East Asian and Japanese Strategic Responses to Global Structural Change (Early 2023) 

Series 14  | The Global Situation and Japan’s Strategy—Can Japan Survive the US-China Confrontation? (Winter 2021–2022)

Series 13  | The World Map in the Post-COVID-19 Era—Redefining Japanese Diplomacy (Early 2021)

Series 12 | Prospects for the International Order and Japan’s Role (Winter 2019–2020)

Series 11 | From Heisei to a New Era: Rebuilding Active and Strategic Diplomacy in Japan (Winter 2018–2019) 

Series 10 | Japan’s Foreign Policy Strategy in Light of the Global Structural Changes (Winter 2017–2018)

Series 9 |  Global Governance and Japan’s Mid- to Long-Term Strategy (Winter 2016–2017)

Series 8 | Seven Major Mid- to Long-Term Geopolitical Risks (Winter 2015–2016)

Series 7 | The World in 2020 and Japan’s Foreign Policy Strategy (Winter 2014–2015)

Series 6 | Geopolitical Risk and Avoidance Strategy (Winter 2013–2014)

Series 5 | Reorganizing Japanese Diplomacy (Winter 2012–2013)

Series 4 | An Overview of Japanese Foreign Relations and Rebuilding Active Diplomacy (Spring 2011)

Series 3 | Developing Professionals Who Can Engage in Active Foreign Relations (Winter 2009–2010)

Series 2 | An Emerging East Asia and Japan’s Diplomatic Vision (Spring 2007)

Series 1 | Japan’s New Active Diplomacy (Spring 2006)

Funding for this program has been provided by the Shibusawa Ei’ichi Memorial Foundation and MRA House.