The Role of Philanthropy in Postwar US-Japan Relations | Cambridge Workshop

March 8–9, 2003
Cambridge, MA

After World War II, philanthropy played a critical, but often overlooked, role in driving the dramatic change in perceptions and values that enabled two bitter foes, Japan and the United States, to become the closest of allies. Using extensive archival research and interviews, JCIE conducted a major study that examined the long-term impact of foundations and individual philanthropists, mainly in the United States but also including some in Japan, on the bilateral relationship. As part of this project, leaders and analysts in the fields of philanthropy and US-Japan relations gathered in a series of workshops in the United States and Japan to share their experiences and discuss the impact of philanthropy on various aspects of the bilateral relationship. 

On March 8–9, 2003, a small group of experts gathered for a third workshop, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to focus on the role of US philanthropy in promoting Japanese studies in the United States and American studies in Japan.

March 8

Working Dinner

March 9

“US Foundation Support for American Studies in Japan”

Paper presenter: James Gannon, Executive Director, JCIE/USA

“US Foundation Support for Japanese Studies”

Paper presenter: Kim Gould Ashizawa, Senior Associate, JCIE/USA

Kim Gould Ashizawa, Senior Associate, JCIE/USA (Research Coordinator)

Yoichi Funabashi, Columnist and Chief Diplomatic Correspondent, The Asahi Shimbun

James Gannon, Executive Director, JCIE/USA

Peter F. Geithner, Former Director of Asia Programs, The Ford Foundation; Consultant, Rockefeller Foundation

Stanley J. Heginbotham, Former Vice President, Social Science Research Council (SSRC); former Deputy Program Director, The Ford Foundation

Makoto Iokibe, Professor, Kobe University; Harvard-Yenching Institute Coordinate Researcher

Akira Iriye, Charles Warren Professor of American History, Harvard University

Hideko Katsumata, Managing Director and Executive Secretary, JCIE/Japan

Ezra Vogel, Henry Ford II Research Professor in the Social Sciences, Harvard University

Steven C. Wheatley, Vice President, American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)

Tadashi Yamamoto, President, JCIE (Research Director)