Trilateral Commission | 2019 Plenary Meeting

June 14–16, 2019

The Trilateral Commission held its 2019 meeting in Paris this past weekend, drawing hundreds of leaders in the worlds of business, government, academia, the media, and civil society from around the globe—all participating in their individual capacity—to promote dialogue on key issues facing the international community. JCIE has served as the Japan Secretariat (now the Asia Pacific Secretariat) since the commission was launched in 1973.

Among the many topics on this year’s agenda were: the place of France in Europe and in the world; whether US and Chinese interests are fundamentally incompatible; the digital revolution and the future of tech; a “de-globalizing” world; how to ensure that no one is left behind; the future of Syria and Syrian refugees; climate change and the effects of transitioning to a low-carbon future; democracy in a time of populism; the future of cities; the future of political parties; the future of information; Prime Minister Édouard Philippe welcomed the participants at a reception at the Quai d’Orsay Palace.