Trilateral Commission | 2022 Asia Pacific Group Regional Meeting

November 20, 2022

The Asia Pacific Group of the Trilateral Commission held its annual regional meeting in Tokyo, gathering leaders in the worlds of business, government, academia, the media, and civil society from around the globe to promote dialogue on key issues facing the international community. It was the first in-person regional meeting since Seoul in 2019. JCIE serves as the secretariat for the Trilateral Commission’s Asia Pacific Group.

US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel spoke in the opening session and held a Q&A with participants, while Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Yoshimasa Hayashi also gave a speech and held discussions with the participants. Sessions covered topics such as the current political, security, economic, and social situations of countries in Asia Pacific; the normalization of fiscal and monetary policies in the post-COVID era and its impact on emerging economies; new geo-economic conditions and supply chains; emerging regional frameworks; and the impact of new technologies on people’s lives and on policy.

In keeping with the Commission’s policy of Chatham House rules, a summary of the discussion was featured in Nikkei Asia.