UK-Japan 21st Century Group Webinar | The Future Direction of Japan Under Prime Minister Suga

February 25, 2021

The UK-Japan 21st Century Group  held its first online webinar  to discuss Japan under Prime Minister Suga. The event drew an audience of about 140 former and current members of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group, the Japan Society of the UK in London, and the Japan British Society in Tokyo.

After former Prime Minister Abe’s lengthy premiership, Japan in 2021 faces the ongoing challenge of COVID-19 and its economic consequences at a time when Prime Minister Suga seeks to guide Japan in a new direction. The webinar featured Hiroyuki Akita from Nikkei Shimbun, and Richard Lloyd Parry from The Times, who held in-depth discussions on the future direction of Japan’s national strength, the future of the Suga administration, and Japan’s path amidst a changing US-China power balance.

Discussions were moderated by Bill Emmott, an independent writer, lecturer and consultant on international affairs and currently Chair of the Japan Society of the UK.

JCIE co-organizes the UK-Japan 21st Century Group with the Japan Society of the UK in London.