Supplemental Report of the Japan-United States Economic Relations Group

Japan-United States Economic Relations Group
October 1981

The Japan-United States Economic Relations Group was made up of eight private citizens whose task it was to make recommendations to Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira and President Jimmy Carter on factors affecting the economic relationship between their two countries. This was a supplemental report to the group’s initial report made in January 1981, which provided a comprehensive description of major issues and contained policy recommendations for the public and private sectors of both countries. Tadashi Yamamoto, president of the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE), served as the Japanese executive director for the group while Charles Morrison, visiting fellow at JCIE at the time, served as research advisor to the group.

This supplemental report discusses the comments of the US and Japanese governments and the private sectors to the January 1981 report, reviews some important issues in the two countries’ economic relationship, and makes additional recommendations. This supplemental report marked the final activity of the group.


  1. The Need for International Economic Leadership
  2. United States and Japanese Trade Policies
  3. Potential Bilateral Economic Issues
  4. Energy Issues
  5. Toward a Comprehensive Partnership
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