Facilitating Philanthropy Program

The US-Japan Philanthropy Initiative handles charitable donations from US-based individuals and corporations in the manner of a donor-advised fund, accepting recommendations about organizations the donor prefers to support, then conducting due diligence to decide whether to make a grant to the suggested organization or others that advance the aims of the donation.

Asian Community Trust

Founded in 1979, the Asian Community Trust (ACT) was Japan’s first charitable trust based on general fundraising. It is committed to providing support for grassroots, self-help efforts of nongovernmental organizations involved in sustainable social and economic development across Asia.

Japan-United States Economic Relations Group (Wisemen’s Group)

This group of eight leading private citizens was charged with the task of examining the factors affecting long-term bilateral economic relations between the United States and Japan. JCIE was asked to serve as the Japanese secretariat, with JCIE Director Tadashi Yamamoto as an executive director of the group.

JCIE Publications | Research Institutions in Japan: A Survey Report

This report is a compilation of 44 research institutes throughout Japan, which are divided based on their missions; some of these include problems common to advanced industrial societies and domestic and international economics.

JCIE Publications | Philanthropy in Japan

This publication is a revised edition of a survey report from a 1975 survey conducted by JCIE as part of its International Exchange Project on Private Philanthropy and provided basic background information on philanthropy and philanthropic organization in Japan.

JCIE Publications | Handbook on Japanese Foreign Policy and Security

This handbook is a compilation of treaties, joint declarations and communiqués, policy statements, and other foreign policy documents that delineate the postwar legal boundaries within which Japan has dealt with other nations.

JCIE Publications | Handbook on Japanese Industrial Structure

This handbook provides a general picture of changes during the century to the 1970s in Japanese industrial structure, foreign trade, and national income and operation rates by industry, with a particular focus on labor force statistics.

ASEAN-Japan Dialogue

In 1977, JCIE initiated the ASEAN-Japan Dialogue to address salient issues in the ASEAN-Japan bilateral relationship. The project was organized in six phases over the period of fifteen years, and the subjects under study included the roles of trade and investment in the development of ASEAN countries, ASEAN-Japan mutual perceptions, and the concept of a Pacific community.

JCIE Publications | Social and Political Issues in Japan: The Trilateral Commission Japan Seminar, May 1975

These essays, originally presented to the Trilateral Commission Japan Seminar, focus on diplomacy and a range of domestic issues.

Europe-Japan Conference

Compared to relations with the United States, Japan’s ties with Europe have been weak and lopsided. Awareness of the need to promote mutual understanding and regular contact between Europeans and Japanese prompted JCIE to launch in 1975 a series of nongovernmental exchange meetings known as the Europe-Japan Conferences, nicknamed the “Hakone Conferences” after the venue of the first meeting.