Mainichi OpEd Quotes JCIE’s Menju, Says Japan Is Now an Immigrant Nation

May 7, 2024
Mainichi Japan

“This rigid focus on accepting foreigners as a mere labor resource adjusting valve risks compromising human rights. Moreover, half-hearted integration policies and Japanese language education may exacerbate societal divisions. 

The JCIE’s Menju says, ‘Japan is no longer in any position to treat immigration as taboo. The government must make its basic stance on this clear.'” 

 This Mainichi Shimbun editorial quotes JCIE/Japan’s Toshihiro Menju discusses the importance for the Japanese government to foster an integrated society. Japan is opening to more people and expanding the definition and professions covered under category 1 “specified skilled worker” and category 2 skilled worker to combat the workforce shortage. But Menju points out that Japan is not taking a clear stance on the immigration issue by still limiting foreigners’ ability to “[settle] in Japan with their families permanently.” 

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Toshihiro Menju is Managing Director & Chief Program Officer at JCIE/Japan, overseeing various programs that address Japan’s immigration policy and support cultural coexistence in Japanese communities.