Sustained and Strategic Investments Needed for US-Japan Collaboration

Susan Berresford and Kazuyo Kato
April 5, 2024
Alliance Magazine

“A ‘historic’ visit will take place, according to the US Deputy Secretary of State, when President Biden hosts Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for a state visit on April 10th. During only the second such state visit since 2015, Kishida will, at the urging of a bipartisan group of US Senators, speak at a joint session of the US Congress and attend the first-ever US-Japan-Philippines trilateral summit. The visit signifies the crucial importance of the US-Japan alliance in the context of rising geopolitical tensions and economic competition in the Indo-Pacific region.”

In this opinion piece, JCIE/USA Board Member Susan Berresford and Executive Director Kazuyo Kato highlight that despite the strength of the US-Japan alliance, there has been a decline in philanthropic support for developing American leaders with a nuanced understanding of Japan and personal ties to the Japanese public. They emphasize the value of intellectual exchange with Japan and that maintaining the strength of this relationship requires sustained and strategic investment.

Continue reading in the Alliance Magazine. The article has also been reprinted in the Japan Times and The Diplomat.

This opinion piece was written by Susan Berresford (former President, Ford Foundation; member of the board, JCIE/USA) and Kazuyo Kato (Executive Director, JCIE/USA).