Japanese-German Forum | 24th Forum

The 24th Japanese-German Forum was held on October 27–29, 2015 in Tokyo. Discussions focused on three topics: “Domestic Challenges and Political Response,” “Growth and Well-Being in an Aging Society—Potentials of Social Innovation and Limitations,” and “Foreign and Security Policy, More Active Role of Japan and Germany.”

Japanese-German Forum | 23rd Forum

The 23rd Japanese-German Forum brought together more than three dozen business leaders, policy experts, and politicians. In their Berlin meeting, they discussed the current domestic trends in Germany and Japan; the two countries’ respective responses to recent security challenges

Japanese-German Forum | 22nd Forum

The 22nd Japanese-German Forum was held on October 29–30, 2013, bringing more than three dozen participants together. The discussions focused on three topics: domestic political issues in the context of the global community, sustaining economic growth through fiscal and monetary policy, US-China relations and their influence on Japan and Germany.

Japanese-German Forum | 21st Forum

The 21st Japanese-German Forum brought 37 participants from the two countries together in Berlin. The discussions focused on the new agenda and policies in each country in the context of their respective shifting political environments, pressing issues and potential areas for Japan-Germany cooperation in regard to energy security and the environment, and new challenges presented by a growing East Asia.

Japanese-German Forum | 20th Forum

The 20th Japanese–German Forum was held on October 4–5, 2011, bringing 36 participants from both countries together in Tokyo. During the forum, the participants discussed key issues pertinent to the bilateral relationship.

Japanese-German Forum | 19th Forum

The 19th Japanese–German Forum was held on November 11–13, 2010, bringing 34 participants from both countries together in Berlin to discuss current trends within Japan and Germany and possible avenues for close bilateral cooperation.

Japanese-German Forum | 18th Forum

In November 2009, the 18th German-Japan Forum brought together representatives from various fields in both countries to discuss the future of Japan-German relations and the common challenges faced by the two countries.

Japanese-German Forum | 17th Forum

The 17th Japanese-German Forum was held in Berlin on November 25–26, 2008. The thirty-five participants in the forum gathered to discuss political and economic trends within Japan and Germany and opportunities for closer cooperation between the two countries.

East Asia Insights | The Crisis of Global Governance and the Rise of East Asia

With the November US presidential election approaching, this special edition incorporates and expands elements raised in previous issues, examining them in the context of the global governance system, and the expectations for US leadership in reforming that system.

Japanese-German Forum | 16th Forum

The 16th Japanese-German Forum was held in Tokyo from October 2–3, 2007. Thirty-eight participants gathered to discuss issues including the changing socio-political dynamics in Japan and Germany, East Asia regional developments, as well as fostering an environment of science and technology innovation to respond to social changes.