ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership and Regional Community Building

This project aimed to study the role and contributions of ASEAN-Japan Partnership in promoting regional community building in Southeast Asia and East Asia, as well as in contributing to global governance. It explored the framework of Japan-ASEAN partnership in ASEAN, Japan’s role in promoting the integration of ASEAN and Japan, and ways in which Japan-ASEAN cooperation can contribute to the creation of an East Asian community.

JCIE Publication | A Pacific Nation: Perspectives on the US Role in an East Asia Community

In this volume, experts from Asia and the United States explore the latest changes in US involvement in regional affairs and analyze the region’s divergent perspectives on the role that the US should play in a new East Asia community.

An Enhanced Agenda for US-Japan Partnership

JCIE and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership undertook a study to explore how bilateral cooperation can be deepened in order to face common challenges, strengthen regional and global stability and prosperity, and, ultimately, make the US-Japan alliance more robust and versatile in light of wide-ranging developments that had begun to reshape Asia at the start of the 20th century.

Global Governance and Human Security Seminar

On September 29, JCIE organized a lecture on “Global Governance and Human Security” with Ambassador Yukio Takasu, who most recently served as permanent representative of Japan to the UN (2007–2010). About 80 participants from domestic and international NGOs, academia, the media, and the public sector attended the lecture.

Asia Pacific Agenda Project (APAP) Forums

The Asia Pacific Agenda Project (APAP) was launched as a celebration of JCIE’s 25th anniversary with three major goals in mind: to allow key personnel of independent policy-oriented research institutions to compare views, to assist in the institutional development of such research bodies, and to aid the development of a strong network among independent institutions.

Engaging the United States in an Emerging East Asia Community

In cooperation with the United States Asia Pacific Council, JCIE launched a joint study and dialogue in 2004 that explores Asian actors’ incentives, goals, and visions of regional community; potential US reactions; and ways of guiding community-building efforts so that they meet the interests of all parties by enhancing stability and prosperity in the region.

Japanese-German Forum | 14th Forum

The 14th Japanese-German Forum was held in Tokyo from October 14–16, 2005. Thirty-seven participants gathered to discuss various issues in Japanese-German relations.

JCIE Publications | The Rise of China and a Changing East Asian Order

Senior international relations experts examine a wide range of topics including China’s changing role in Asia and its impact on regional community building, domestic dynamics related to China’s political and economic development, and to China’s influence on regional security.

Human Security in the United Nations | Tokyo Workshop

In 2003, JCIE was commissioned by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to conduct an assessment of several projects funded by the Trust Fund on Human Security (TFHS), focusing on how human security has been incorporated and applied in TFHS-funded projects from the conception phase through the implementation processes. As part of the project, JCIE held a workshop in Tokyo to discuss the preliminary findings and their implications.

JCIE Publications | Human Security in the United Nations

This field study was conducted on five human security projects in order to propose common elements that should be included in human security projects on the ground, as well as to highlight the design and implementation challenges.