National Network for an Inclusive Future (NANIF)

JCIE has launched the National Network for an Inclusive Future, which aims to support the establishment of regional platforms to discuss the acceptance and settlement of foreigners throughout Japan. With support from the Toyota Foundation, JCIE will work with local governments, councils, NPOs, companies, media, and other Japanese organizations tackling obstacles to foreign talent and multicultural coexistence in local communities.

Sustainable Aid Systems for Foreign Residents in Japan (SAFOR)

JCIE has launched the Sustainable Aid Systems for Foreign Residents in Japan (SAFOR) Project in cooperation with Japan Platform to provide ongoing humanitarian assistance to foreign residents in need in Japan.

Humanitarian Aid for Marginalized Immigrants (HAMIS)

In partnership with the Japan Platform (JPF), JCIE has launched a project to provide grants utilizing funds held in dormant bank accounts in Japan. Humanitarian Aid for Marginalized Immigrants (HAMIS), will provide financial support to organizations that provides humanitarian assistance and support self-reliance among foreign residents in Japan.

Democracy for the Future | CSO Roundtable on Japan’s Support in Addressing the Global Crisis for Democracy and Human Rights

JCIE hosted a roundtable which brought together participants from a variety of Japanese and international CSOs to discuss what kind of support is needed from japan to support democracy and human rights.

JCIE Announces Grantees for Supporting Youths of Diverse Roots and an Inclusive Society Program

In the hopes of opening the doors to a brighter future for young people of foreign origins who are living in Japan, JCIE has launched a major grant program, Supporting Youths of Diverse Roots and an Inclusive Society (YDRIS).

JWLI-JCIE/USA COVID-19 Joint Philanthropic Initiative

JCIE has partnered with the Japanese Women’s Leadership Initiative and the Fish Family Foundation to facilitate small grants to nonprofit organizations in Japan to help them respond to the needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange | 2019 Japanese Diet Delegation to the US

The 2019 US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange Program brought the 30th delegation of Japanese diet members and parliamentarians to the US, where they met and engaged in discussions with members of Congress and their staff, journalists, and policy experts.

JCIE Publication | Supporting Disaster Survivors in Japan

This report highlights Kamaishi City Social Welfare Council, Kodomo no Empowerment Iwate, Kurashi no Supporters, and SakuraNet, four nonprofit organizations that received $2.8 million in United Way Worldwide Funding.

Diverse Roots, Inclusive Society Program

JCIE has launched the Diverse Roots, Inclusive Society initiative to build the social infrastructure needed to build a more inclusive Japanese society that can fully support youths with foreign roots. JCIE will act as a funding organization to provide grants that support the types of educational support, employment support, etc., that youths with foreign roots require.

US-Japan Philanthropy Initiative

Through the US-Japan Philanthropy Initiative, JCIE/USA helps facilitate charitable giving from donors in one country to innovative organizations in the other that are working to improve society and/or strengthen international relations.