US Congressional Staff Exchange | 2024 Delegation

The 2024 US Congressional Staff Exchange Program gave 7 Congressional staffers the chance to travel Japan, where they met with Japanese leaders across politics, media, and academia.

Sustained and Strategic Investments Needed for US-Japan Collaboration

This piece by JCIE executive director Kazuyo Kato and board member Susan Berresford highlights the need to continue investing in promoting intellectual exchange between Japan and the US to foster a new generation of leaders who can maintain the strength of the US-Japan alliance.

2024 Japanese Young Political Leaders Delegation to US

The 2024 US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange Program brought the 30th Japanese delegation to the US, providing an opportunity for them to meet and engage in discussions with government officials, political campaign committees, policy experts, and business representatives.

JCIE Publication | Empowering Our Future—A Path Toward Women’s Leadership in Politics, STEM, and Beyond

2023 USJWLD report cover thumbnail

Report on the findings from the 2023 US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue, which featured a visit to the US by six Japanese political and business leaders to discuss US-Japan and international relations, women in politics, and ways to empower women to pursue and succeed in STEM fields.

Expanding Support for Democratic Governance

In 2018, JCIE launched a multi-pronged initiative to explore and expand Japan’s support for democratic governance based on the values of liberty, accountability, the rule of law, and individual dignity and empowerment. The initiative is designed to engage Japanese leaders in dialogue with domestic and overseas experts on strengthening the building blocks of democratic governance in Asia and elsewhere.

Political Exchange Programs

For five decades, JCIE has been promoting closer relations between Japanese leaders and their foreign counterparts. JCIE involves political leaders in a wide range of research and dialogues—from comparative research on the policymaking process, to task forces on global health, and to participation in exchanges that further bilateral relations between Japan and Korea, Germany, China, and the United Kingdom.

US-Japan Healthy and Resilient Aging Program

The US-Japan Healthy & Resilient Aging program promotes US-Japan collaboration on aging issues. The program will facilitate robust dialogues at the community and national levels that engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders and spark future collaboration for the benefit of both countries and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole.

JCIE/USA Roundtables & Special Events

JCIE/USA holds occasional roundtables, offering an opportunity for visiting scholars and experts to engage in initimate discussions with a select group of relevant stakeholders from the New York area. It also convenes roundtables that target the US-Japan Journalism Fellows and holds additional events for the business community.

US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue

Recognizing that the voices of women continue to be underrepresented in discussions of key policy issues facing both Japanese and American societies, JCIE launched the US-Japan Women Leaders Dialogue in 2017 as part of the Empowering Women Leaders Program to convene women leaders from varying walks of life.

Healthy and Active Aging

A look at the critical impact of aging on Japanese and other societies. JCIE is promoting dialogue, exchange, and research to understand the implications of aging societies worldwide and to share best practices to ensure that Japan and others can enjoy healthy longevity.