Over 23,000 Complaints Received from Foreign Technical Trainees in Japan

December 12, 2022

“An organization that supports foreign technical trainees in Japan says it received more than 23,000 complaints in fiscal 2021. This comes amid reports about various problems, such as trainees not being paid or being unjustly dismissed.

Japan has a program for trainees from developing countries. The individuals are able to learn about technology and acquire skills, while they work in the country.

The Organization for Technical Intern Training says the number of complaints nearly doubled from fiscal 2020 to fiscal 2021. It says the figure tripled between fiscal 2019 and fiscal 2021. The organization started providing consultation services five years ago.”

In this piece focused on Japan’s troubled technical trainee program, JCIE/Japan’s Toshihiro Menju calls on the government to address human rights complaints and to review the program to ensure that the needs and concerns of the increased number of trainees in Japan can be properly addressed and that Japan can attract the human resources it needs.

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JCIE/Japan Managing Director & Chief Program Officer Toshihiro Menju was interviewed by NHK for this piece on Japan’s troubled foreign technical trainee program.