ROUNDTABLE | Discussion with US Congressional Staff on Priorities of the 118th Congress

JCIE/USA hosted a luncheon discussion with alumni of our US-Japan Congressional Staff Exchange Program, to share their thoughts on what to expect from the 118th Congress following the 2022 midterm elections. The session was joined by Japanese business representatives, academics, and those from DC-based think-tanks.

Diet Women’s Study Group | 6th Meeting

Nobuo Tanaka, chairman of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and former executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), met with the Diet Women’s Study Group to discuss Japan’s energy security policy.

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 36th Conference

The 36th annual meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group convened in London and Cantebury at the height of a dramatic period in the Brexit saga as Prime Minister Boris Johnson had just announced plans the previous week to suspend parliament.

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 33rd Conference

The 33rd annual meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group convened in Japan on October 6–9. The group held discussions on a broad range of issues that affect the two countries and their relationship.

Toilet Power: Toyota Is Using Sewage Sludge to Power Its New Electric Car

Hydrogen fuel cell cars could help solve the global warming crisis, but nobody wants to buy them. But Toyota thinks it may have found a solution. For unlimited clean energy, it’s turning to one of the dirtiest places there is: the toilet.

Flush, then Fill Up: Japan Taps Sewage to Fuel Hydrogen-Powered Cars

When Mutsuro Yuji, chief of the central sewage plant in Fukuoka, first heard about the idea of making hydrogen from biogas — the combination of methane and carbon dioxide produced by the breakdown of stinky matter — he was skeptical. But now, drivers are able to roll up to the sewage plant and power up their hydrogen fuel cell cars at what you might call the world’s first toilet-to-tank filling station.

Citizen Science Takes on Japan’s Nuclear Establishment

As other Tokyo office workers poured into restaurants and bars at quitting time one recent evening, Kohei Matsushita went to the eighth floor of a high-rise for an unusual after-hours activity: learning how to assemble his own Geiger counter from a kit.

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 32nd Conference

The 32nd annual meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group convened in London and Ditchley Park, Oxfordshire, on September 3–6, 2015. A total of 34 senior Japanese and British leaders engaged in a series of roundtable discussions on issues impacting each country and their relationship.

How Japan Pushes Coal on the World

While the U.S. backs away from its dirtiest power source, its closest ally in Asia is building, selling and financing coal plants worldwide.

Japanese-German Forum | 23rd Forum

The 23rd Japanese-German Forum brought together more than three dozen business leaders, policy experts, and politicians. In their Berlin meeting, they discussed the current domestic trends in Germany and Japan; the two countries’ respective responses to recent security challenges