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Global Governance Governance and Human Security Seminar

September 29, 2010 | Tokyo

On September 29, JCIE organized a lecture on “Global Governance and Human Security” with Ambassador Yukio Takasu, who most recently served as permanent representative of Japan to the UN (2007–2010). A…

14th Japanese-German Forum

October 14–16, 2005 | Tokyo

The 14th Japanese-German Forum was held in Tokyo from October 14–16, 2005. Thirty-seven participants gathered to discuss various issues in Japanese-German relations.

Human Security in the United Nations—Tokyo Workshop

February 27–28, 2004 | Tokyo

In 2003, JCIE was commissioned by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to conduct an assessment of several projects funded by the Trust Fund on Human Security (TFHS), focusing on how human security has…

UK-Japan 21st Century Group | 17th Conference

February 15–18, 2001 | Tokyo and Awaji Island, Japan

The 17th Group Conference was held on February 15–18, 2001, in Tokyo and on Awaji Island. Participants discussed new developments in Japan and Asia as well as in the UK and Europe, the challenges of g…


A Pacific Nation: Perspectives on the US Role in an East Asia Community

Mark Borthwick and Tadashi Yamamoto, eds.


In this volume, experts from Asia and the United States explore the latest changes in US involvement in regional affairs and analyze the region’s divergent perspectives on the role that the US should…

The Rise of China and a Changing East Asian Order

Japan Center for International Exchange


Senior international relations experts examine a wide range of topics including China’s changing role in Asia and its impact on regional community building, domestic dynamics related to China’s politi…

Human Security in the United Nations

Japan Center for International Exchange


This field study was conducted on five human security projects in order to propose common elements that should be included in human security projects on the ground, as well as to highlight the design…

ASEAN-Japan Cooperation: A Foundation for East Asian Community

Japan Center for International Exchange


Experts from around Asia Pacific assess the importance of enhancing the ASEAN-Japan relationship as a step toward building a greater East Asian regional community, and review the history and current s…

Containing Conflict: Cases in Preventive Diplomacy

Hideo Sato, ed.

March 2003

The authors analyze the international community’s responses to conflicts in locations such as the African Great Lakes region, helping them to draw lessons for managing regional conflict through preven…

Major Power Relations in Northeast Asia

David M. Lampton, ed.

November 2001

This publication, the result of a study on the “China-Japan-US Research and Dialogue Project,” contains essays by six American analysts in a multinational team identifying the challenges to productive…

Community Building in Asia Pacific: Dialogue in Okinawa

Japan Center for International Exchange, ed.

July 2000

This volume reports on the fourth forum of the Asia Pacific Agenda Project, which presented a unique opportunity for dialogue between leading intellectuals of the region and Japanese Prime Minister Ke…

The Japan-US Alliance: New Challenges for the 21st Century

Masashi Nishihara, ed.


In this collection of essays, six Japanese political scientists examine how differences and similarities in policies between the United States and Japan toward various issues and countries may affect…

Road to ASEAN-10: Japanese Perspectives on Economic Integration

Sueo Sekiguchi and Makito Noda, eds.

December 1999

These essays, written by seven Japanese economists and political scientists, analyze the long-term prospects of the ASEAN-10 economies and their relations with major trading partners.

Sustainable Development and Human Security

Japan Center for International Exchange

November 1999

This report provides a detailed synopsis of the presentations, discussion, and principal points from a two-day conference of leading intellectuals considering the underlying human security requirement…

The Asian Crisis and Human Security

March 1999

This publication provides the speeches, background papers, and synopses of presentations and discussions from a dialogue carried out in response to Japan’s then-foreign minister Obuchi Keizo’s suggest…

Domestic Adjustments to Globalization

Charles E. Morrison and Hadi Soesastro, eds.

December 1998

This book compiles nine country surveys that were completed on the eve of the Asian crisis; these surveys reflect how the crisis has tested many ideas associated with globalization such as economic st…

Old Issues, New Responses

Nishihara Masashi, ed.

October 1998

Six Japanese scholars examine Japan’s foreign and security policy options for the 21st century and present new policy proposals, in hopes to improve Sino-Japanese political relations, rectify Japan’s…

Globalization, Governance, and Civil Society

Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE)


A Global ThinkNet Conference report, this book examines topics related to globalization’s impact on governance, as well as the growing role of civil society organizations in improving the governance o…

The New Asia-Pacific Order: A Summary Report

The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies; preface by Chan Heng Chee et al.

May 1995

This report summarizes five issues raised at the New Asia-Pacific Order Conference: sustainability of economic dynamism; regional groupings in the next decade; major power shifts; a new security archi…