WEBINAR | Public Symposium Towards a Safer Transnational Migration—Bringing Together Multiple Stakeholders’ Perspectives

JCIE will hold an online public symposium, ” Towards a Safer Transnational Migration: Bringing in Migrants’ Perspectives,” to enhance information access for foreign migrants and promote accountability by comparing the experiences of individuals from Nepal and Myanmar in Japan and Korea.

JCIE/Japan’s Toshihiro Menju Writes on Japan’s Immigration Policy

“At a recent event…, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio told attendees that, ‘we must imagine a society in which we can live together with foreigners’ in light of Japan’s demographic decline. The prime minister should also explain to the Japanese people in a concrete and clear manner that coexistence with foreigners is essential for Japan’s future. […]

JCIE Managing Director Toshihiro Menju Speaks on Japan’s Foreign Technical Trainee Program

“An organization that supports foreign technical trainees in Japan says it received more than 23,000 complaints in fiscal 2021. This comes amid reports about various problems, such as trainees not being paid or being unjustly dismissed. Japan has a program for trainees from developing countries. The individuals are able to learn about technology and acquire […]

Press Briefing on Population Decline and Immigration Policy

Toshihiro Menju speaks at the Foreign Press Center of Japan on the policy measures Japan should adopt to attract and support foreign residents as a way to address population aging.

National Network for an Inclusive Future (NANIF)

JCIE has launched the National Network for an Inclusive Future, which aims to support the establishment of regional platforms to discuss the acceptance and settlement of foreigners throughout Japan. With support from the Toyota Foundation, JCIE will work with local governments, councils, NPOs, companies, media, and other Japanese organizations tackling obstacles to foreign talent and multicultural coexistence in local communities.

Sustainable Aid Systems for Foreign Residents in Japan (SAFOR)

JCIE has launched the Sustainable Aid Systems for Foreign Residents in Japan (SAFOR) Project in cooperation with Japan Platform to provide ongoing humanitarian assistance to foreign residents in need in Japan.

SYMPOSIUM | New Strategies for Japan to Become a Country of Choice

As part of JCIE’s Roundtable on Japan’s Migration Policy Program JCIE is hosting a public symposium to discuss what is needed to make Japan a “country of choice” for foreigners seeking employment.

Japan Looks to Accept More Foreigners in Key Policy Shift

Toshihiro Menju, managing director of JCIE/Japan, comments on Japan’s need to welcome foreign workers as it grapples with demographic change in this Reuter’s article.

Humanitarian Aid for Marginalized Immigrants (HAMIS)

In partnership with the Japan Platform (JPF), JCIE has launched a project to provide grants utilizing funds held in dormant bank accounts in Japan. Humanitarian Aid for Marginalized Immigrants (HAMIS), will provide financial support to organizations that provides humanitarian assistance and support self-reliance among foreign residents in Japan.

4th Networking Conference for the Supporting Youths of Diverse Roots and an Inclusive Society (SYDRIS) Initiative

JCIE held the 4th Networking Conference, as part of the SYDRIS Initiative, to explore what kind of collaboration should be established with government and civil society organizations (CSOs) in order to promote projects that reflect the perspectives of the stakeholders, namely young people with foreign roots living in Japan and their families.