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The Significance of Private Donations in the Global COVID-19 Response

July 15, 2020 | Online

JCIE held a virtual meeting to deepen the understanding of COVID-19’s global impact and the important role the WHO plays in the global response. The discussion featured Naoko Yamamoto, assistant direc…

Second Round of Grants for the COVID-19 Joint Philanthropic Initiative with JWLI

July 9, 2020 | Japan

JCIE is workingwith the Japanese Women’s Leadership Initiative and the Fish Family Foundation to facilitate small grants to 7 organizations in Japan to help them respond to the needs arising from the…

JCIE Partners with Japan Women’s Leadership Initiative on COVID-19 Joint Philanthropic Initiative

April 30, 2020 | Japan

JCIE is workingwith the Japanese Women’s Leadership Initiative and the Fish Family Foundation to facilitate small grants to 7 organizations in Japan to help them respond to the needs arising from the…

Roundtable on Role of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Multisectoral Partnership

October 22, 2009 | Tokyo

Mr. Todd Summers, senior program officer for global health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, spoke at a roundtable in Tokyo organized by JCIE, entitled “Role of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundati…

The Role of Philanthropy in Postwar US-Japan Relations | 2004 Tokyo Workshop

October 4–5, 2004 | Tokyo

Nearly 100 leaders from the fields of civil society, philanthropy, and government gathered at a major conference in Tokyo on October 4–5, 2004, to review the contributions of American and Japanese phi…

The Role of Philanthropy in Postwar US-Japan Relations | 2003 Tokyo Workshop

July 12–13, 2003 | Tokyo

A fourth workshop was held on July 12–13, 2003, at JCIE’s offices in Tokyo. The project team gathered to discuss the drafts and outlines of the results of their research on the various aspects of phil…

The Role of Philanthropy in Postwar US-Japan Relations | Cambridge Workshop

March 8–9, 2003 | Cambridge, MA

On March 8-9, 2003, a small group of experts gathered for a third workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to focus on the role of US philanthropy in promoting Japanese studies in the United States and A…

The Role of Philanthropy in Postwar US-Japan Relations | International House Workshop

November 19, 2002 | Tokyo

A second workshop was held on November 19, 2002, at the International House in Tokyo, Japan. Forty participants gathered at the daylong meeting to discuss the experiences of Japanese grantees in their…

The Role of Philanthropy in Postwar US-Japan Relations: 2002 Pocantico Workshop

October 12–13, 2002 | Pocantico, NY

On the weekend of October 12–13, 2002, JCIE held a workshop outside New York City at the Pocantico Conference Center of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The 23 participants, a number of whom were active…

Seminar Series by Buzz Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of GuideStar

July 2–4, 2002 |

Mr. Buzz Schmidt—Chairman and CEO of GuideStar—came to Japan as a guest of JCIE and held a seminar series from July 2–4, 2002 to discuss his organization’s activities with Japanese nonprofit sector le…

Facilitation of JACO's Study Mission on American Philanthropy

April 6–14, 2002 | Washington DC.; Williamsburg, Pennsylvania; New York, New York

On April 6–14, 2002, JCIE helped organized a study mission to the United States that was sponsored by the Japan Association of Charitable Organizations (JACO), an organization established in 1972 to p…


Sustained and Strategic Investments Needed for US-Japan Collaboration

Susan Berresford and Kazuyo Kato

April 5, 2024

This piece by JCIE executive director Kazuyo Kato and board member Susan Berresford highlights the need to continue investing in promoting intellectual exchange between Japan and the US to foster a ne…

Supporting Disaster Survivors in Japan

Sachiko Aoki and Kimberly Gould Ashizawa


This report highlights Kamaishi City Social Welfare Council, Kodomo no Empowerment Iwate, Kurashi no Supporters, and SakuraNet, four nonprofit organizations that received $2.8 million in United Way Wo…

Getting International Disaster Philanthropy Right: Lessons from Japan's 2011 Tsunami

James Gannon


This report looks closely at the US’s philanthropic response to Japan’s March 2011 tsunami, drawing lessons on what can be done in future responses to overseas disasters, especially in other developed…

Japan Earthquake Fifth Anniversary: U.S. Response Overwhelming

Trevor Williams

March 10, 2016

Individuals and organizations from the U.S. have given $746.1 million to support Japan’s recovery from its “triple disaster,” JCIE announced on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the earthquake, tsun…

International Philanthropy and Disasters in Developed Countries: The US Response to Japan’s 3.11 Disaster

James Gannon

July 2014

An analysis of the US philanthropic response to the 3/11 disaster in Japan and the challenges of donor coordination for disasters in developed countries.

Philanthropy and Reconciliation

Tadashi Yamamoto, Akira Iriye, Mokoto Iokibe, eds.


This study reflects upon the efforts of both American and Japanese civil societies to rebuild the US-Japan relationship in the postwar period, in hopes to understand the past and find a way to improve…

Corporate-NGO Partnership in Asia Pacific

Tadashi Yamamoto and Kim Gould Ashizawa, eds.


This book examines the emerging trends in the Asia Pacific region that have encouraged the formation of partnerships between corporations and nongovernmental organizations.

Emerging Civil Society in the Asia Pacific Community

Tadashi Yamamoto et al.; preface by Tadashi Yamamoto


This book is a compilation of reports written by leading intellectuals and specialists from 15 Asia Pacific countries on the focus of activities at the research institutions, foundations, and nongover…

Emerging Civil Society in the Asia Pacific Community: Integrative Survey Report and Conference Report of the Osaka Symposium

Tadashi Yamamoto et al.; preface by Tadashi Yamamoto


This report on a conference in Osaka also includes an integrative report of topics such as NGOs, research institutions, and foundations and their prospects for cooperation in 15 Asian Pacific countrie…

International Philanthropy Project of the Japan Center for International Exchange

Tadashi Yamamoto, Hiroshi Peter Kamura, Hideko Katsumata


This paper details the history of JCIE’s project, which was created to assist Japanese nonprofit foundations in developing contacts and working relationships with their American and European counterpa…

Challenges and Opportunities for US-Japan Exchange in the New Era: Report of the International Symposium

Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, ed. (preface by Minoru Kusuda)

February 1991

This report focuses on five themes: development of the US-Japan relationship in the new era, foundations and institutions in the new era, enhancing human resources for bilateral exchange, new approach…

Japanese Private Philanthropy in an Interdependent World

Tadashi Yamamoto, Takayoshi Amenomori


This book highlights the preeminent private philanthropic institutions, their endowments, and their purposes from the Meiji Period through 1989; also included is information about contributions from m…

The Role of Philanthropy in International Cooperation

Japan Center for International Exchange; foreword by Tadashi Yamamoto


This report summarizes many topics addressed at JCIE’s 15th Anniversary International Symposium, including different types of corporate giving in Japan, unfavorable tax codes, and American corporate d…

Philanthropy in Japan

Japan Center for International Exchange


This publication is a revised edition of a survey report from a 1975 survey conducted by JCIE as part of its International Exchange Project on Private Philanthropy and provided basic background inform…